Morning Sun


Medical Bills Paid Today


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today Date: 3-19-2023

Let us start the day with a productive effort. It had been the first week of January since we had received mail. We had it delivered to Rockport and got it yesterday afternoon. So this morning we got started on the medical bills due. Sorting through the junk mail and the real mail was a chore. Then sorting the real mail into bills needing paying and “others” took a while. Eventually it got all done and we sped them off to the post office and mailed them late morning. That was a nice feeling to get done. Now the rest of the important mail is income tax oriented and we plan a good start on that mess tomorrow.

A trip to Walmart brought us a surprise in this COLD weather. They had received their loads of new flowers for spring planting. Like each year for several the OFM went nuts gathering all the pretty pictures of flowers to go into his reference files for art. And there was a lot of plants to photograph. But it was fun even in the cold outside. Here are two samples of the blooms all over the place.

After the Whataburger lunch the OFM succumbed to a thirty minute nap that was really wonderful. We have learned in the last few months that the OLD man usually needs an afternoon nap on really busy like today days. But we have also learned to make it a timed event with alarm clock or he will sleep way to long and mess up his night sleeping and really get his sleeping schedule messed up. Just one of the miseries of aging.

After a bit of examining the remaining paper work on the income tax the OFM decided to just get a morning start on it in the morning rather than start on it so late in the day and have to stop for the night. So tomorrow is dedicated to prepping income tax papers for getting the income tax done soon.

We got acquainted with several new folks in the campground this afternoon and had a very nice visit with them. The new lady running the campground has done lots of work on the place including redoing the meeting room. The OFM noticed that she had done a very nice redecorating of it. We took pictures of it and plan good coverage of it very soon in the blog. It is cute. In the meantime the OFM is getting drowsy and making a lot of typing errors to correct so we age bidding you good night to rest up for another day of trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.

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  1. Ha. Yes. Only one set of financial tasks per day. Lovely flowers.