Morning Sun


Wind Storm Predicted


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date:3-1-2023

We headed out this morning to check out old stomping grounds in the area. That was all the planning we did and it was great fun. Lots of conversations with folks at the interesting locations. It was so good that it will likely be the method of operation for a few more blog entries. Any way we headed over to 277North campground and fishing area to see if we could get into some decent fishing. We didn't but it was great fun anyway because of all the folks we met and visited.

An old tree remnant from YEARS ago is still there waiting on us.

The old bridge is still there but we messed up getting its picture but we did get a picture of the Hwy 277 bridge over the lake, The morning was slightly foggy so the pictures are not crisp. Here is the highway bridge. Last year there was no water to be seen when this scene was photographed back then.

A lot of time was spent just nosing around the area. Amistad NRA is definitely an area a person can nose around just looking at things for several weeks if they wanted to do that. We took a series of pictures of an area we used to rock climb in ten or more years ago but decided it needed a whole blog entry itself. But at the area we had a conversation with a very nice local couple fishing. It lasted about an hour and a half then the OFM needed to move on. Things like that seem to happen around the OFM just naturally wherever he goes.

On the way back to the Castle we stopped at Whataburger in Del Rio for lunch. And during lunch the OFM remembered we needed a new latch for the screen door on the Castle. The spring in the original 17 year old latch gave up the ghost a couple of days ago and needed to be replaced. So we stopped at Paulino's RV place for a new latch. He had the latch in stock as well as a new sewer cap for the Castle. They have done excellent work on the Castle that the OFM could not handle alone. They are a recommended repair place by the OFM.

Back at the Castle it was about a ten minute chore to install the new spring latch. It is nice to have the screen door stay in place when closed again.

After the screen door repair, old friend Rick and the OFM had a serious discussion on whether we have any business tackling his sewer trouble or an Airstream dealer with the right equipment should tackle the chore. The current final decision is that he will find a dealer along his route of travel to have them tackle the project.

Tomorrow is predicted to have some very high winds in the 60 mph range in our area so our outdoor excitement may be very limited. Sierra will be parked to take the brunt of the wind off of the Castle so we have a better chance of no damage to the Castle. At least that is the plan for now.

That is it for tonight but the next few days seem to be working on being very active days for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. So there's MORE water under the bridge than there was before?? That is good to hear. Very. Yes, sounds like tomorrow may be hunker down time.

    1. There was no water under the bridge last time we were here.