Sheet Metal Alarm Clock


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date:3-2-2023

It started with vehicles driving through the Castle before the OFM got up. It sounded like they came in the door and out the bathroom window. The next thing the OFM knew somebody was beating on steel plate with a hammer in the kitchen. Once the OFM got going it was obvious his imagination was running wild. Do not worry the day got wilder.

Some background information first. When we got here the neighbors had been at Falcon for some of the same time we were there and left a couple of days before us. We chatted a few minute that day and the OFM was shown the damage to the shade shelter someone had done before they got there. We guess they backed a fifth wheel rig into it and knocked one end out of alignment by at least a foot and a half.

The storm predicted for today had the park maintenance folks worried the 50-60 mph winds might blow the shade shelter apart so they got busy on it at the crack of dawn this morning. And yes one of the fellows was using a sledge hammer to nurse the sheet metal back into place.

Hammer in hand

Considering what they had to work with this was an excellent job well done as an emergency repair.

Repair Job Done For Now.

The weather was really pretty this morning and the OFM went out to the Diablo East main boat ramp area to check out things. This next picture was taken from a pull off on a cliff near the boat ramp looking north across this small finger of the lake. It is a very nice view that we really like to enjoy frequently.

Yep this is a lake in a land of canyons and cliffs and a fun place to play and enjoy.

Then about 1600 the front hit with a vengeance. Most of the campers were well prepared for the strong winds but a couple of things did get to be retrieved and brought back when the 50 mph plus winds hit the area. It is all supposed to be over by 2100 tonight so it should be nice cool sleeping. Since the OFM has way too much experience in his past driving around in high winds during and after hurricanes we made a run to the main recreation area and boat ramp in the area to see if anyone was in trouble from the winds. It is a fairly remote location that you have to go to on purpose. We got there with no trouble and found two other vehicles roaming around taking pictures of the storm action on the lake. The OFM took a picture of the boat ramp area showing the ramp pier torn loose from its moorings and banging on the rocks of the shore next to the ramp.

This is a COLORED picture

We were thrilled to not find any folks that needed help. We really like those sorts of results. So to celebrate we went into Del Rio to the Whataburger and had supper at a stationary table instead of one wiggling around inside the Castle from the wind shaking the rig.

We figure that tomorrow we will have an easy time of finding things for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Those were strong winds and I am glad no one was on that lake. Hope the storm has passed and you're safe and sound.