Morning Sun


1.5 Miles Today


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today Date: 3-26-2023

The OFM feet and legs woke up feeling pretty decent this morning. After piddling around an hour or so to be sure the legs could get it going, we headed to the Rockport Municipal Park to try our luck with walking for the first time in a long time. We chose the long outer loop and the 1.5 mile distance. Our speed would be allowed to be as slow as necessary to get the entire distance accomplished.

For the first few hundred meters we were being extremely careful and everything was flowing smoothly. So we went into free flow mode and sped up and slowed down as whatever seemed best for the moment.

Spring is in full get with it and the allegory pollen is in full swing also. We were moving on along pretty well for a bit and then we rounded a corner to see before us our first view of the lake in a long time. We just had to stop and enjoy it for a minute. The foggy atmosphere has made the gray overall scene.

Scattered along the path are thistle plants in beautiful purple bloom. We were able to get a fair picture of this one for everyone to enjoy.

The rest of the walk was very pleasant and gave the OFM hope that we can get back into the walking exercise mode starting tomorrow.

The rest of the day until near sunset was spent visiting folks or pretending to fish. It had to be pretending since no fish were biting for any folks we saw.

But when we went to the Little Bay boat ramp to try for a sunset picture we got a surprise of finding a blue crab claw. It is a small claw but was laying on the boat ramp like a seagull might have dropped it.

And not too long after the claw adventure it was sunset time and we shot several photos of the sunset. We think this one that also captured the bird in flight makes a nice scene.

Everyone enjoy tomorrow and join us in trying to have tooooo much fun.