Healing Day Again


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-15-2023

With a bum right lower leg and a bum inside of the left foot we declared today a healing day and acted accordingly. The best news is the left foot made a large but not complete recovery. The right leg definitely improved but still has a ways to go yet. Notice that this means both legs made good progress in healing. Yipeeee.

To start the day we hit up the marina parking lot and was able to get a nice morning sunrise picture.

As we were leaving that area we passed near the morning beach parking area that in years past had 2-3 vehicles in it this early. Not any more. It is a very good representation of the crowding this area is having.

With all the wind and people congestion we choose to head for Rockport Memorial Park and the nice paved walking trails we have been using in the past. With bum legs the OFM chose a close to the restroom parking spot among the very few vehicles here. Then we got a drink of water and chose to take the short path around the ball fields and basket ball court. 

We wanted to gently exercise the bum body parts and not do any more damage to them from going to fast or far. We do not know the time or distance but our legs thanked us for the nice gentle workout for the rest of the day.

As we returned to our campsite we realized we had not displayed the new campsite. So here it is. That is a lot different than the last few back along the Rio Grande River.

We found out today that the new owners are wanting to make this a full time live here type of campground, so we expect we will not be here more than the month currently planned to get things done like Income Tax filing.

Since we are set up decently and we had about two months of powder desert sand living recently, the OFM decided it was time to vacuum the Castle and he was RIGHT for a change.

With less that 120 square feet of vacuum-able floor area, it is not a major job to accomplish And we finished in good time. Yep that is the shop vacuum left over from the last house the OFM used to own. It pulls too much current at 120volt for our solar system to handle it. So we have to be plugged in to use it. Straw brooms do not do a great job with powdered sand compared to a vacuum cleaner.

And now it is time for the OFM to get busy preparing for trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Glad you made it! Wonder if the spring break has anything to do with the beach parking area....sometimes families go places, not just college students, but still, it does look crowded. Take it easy and enjoy

    1. Most of the spring break crowd goes on down to Padre Island and the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

  2. Glad your feet and legs are feeling better. I know the feeling when they are used too much and time off is required to recover. Taking time to recover is always enjoyable too.