Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today Date: 3-18-2023

A mess of a day and a great day depending on which time of the day it was.

Today was the campground owners day to introduce themselves to the residents and supply a great lunch buffet for everyone. The OFM stuffed himself with 492.73 pounds of delicious fried shrimp.

The owners proved to be very nice folks and their plans for the campground were exactly in line with what the OFM was hoping they were planning. This was the highlight of the day. Shortly after the OFM went back to the Castle to sleep off some shrimp gorging, a stupid migraine struck with a vengeance.

Then shortly after all the above fun, the last two months of overdue bills finally caught up with the Teams. Tomorrow is bill paying day it looks like. Hmmm did the bills cause the migraine?????

By the way the OFM computer has quit letting him send or receive emails. That is not a good thing and may require the OFM to get help. We shall see.

Later in the evening the OFM Photography Team headed to the marina to try for something in the way of a picture for tonight's blog. The lighting was very overcast so the pictures are not really sharp but here we go.

This boat is a shrimping boat for use in the bay areas. The nets are dragged on the bottom and scoop up whatever gets in the way. Then the net is brought into the boat and the good stuff is separated from the junk and put on ice until the day is over.

These next two boats are open water shrimping boats that work by dragging the nets on the bottom of the much deeper offshore water of the Gulf of Mexico. When the nets are brought up they will have more junk in them as well as shrimp and fish etc. Again the nets are emptied on the boat deck and the shrimp and fish is placed on ice and the nets put back into the water to capture more food. These boats normally will be out in the Gulf of Mexico for 2 to 5 days before they head in to sell their load of critters to the wholesalers.

Back in the marina area you will find shops like Mom's scattered around the perimeter of the marina basin. You can buy several types of sea critters there for eating or use as bait. Moms is an especially congenial family operation here in Rockport.

And the evening came to a close with a dim picture from the sculpture garden of the whooping cranes statue. It is a pretty nice piece of art and makes a good picture in better lighting but this was what we had to work with today.

The shrimp lunch certainly was a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun. YUM YUM YUM


  1. If I'd have had access to that free shrimp dinner I would have been completely unable to make a post. So congratuations

  2. That was a lot of shrimp! They must have tasted great. Interesting about the different shrimp boats. I hope the salt air isn't bringing on your migraine.

  3. Ain't many things better than fresh shrimp,,, no matter how they are fixed. I may catch up with you this week. I have reservations for 5 days at Goose Island.

  4. per the migraine....perhaps a few too many shrimp?