Morning Sun


Plain Day


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-7-2023

Rick and the OFM discussed places to go when we leave here. Then we discussed when to leave here. After checking the northern weather we chose not yet as to when to roll. We will not be heading to the same location when we leave here. Rick has a Montana and Wyoming plan to see what he can up there.

Later in the day the OFM met several new folks and had some really nice conversations. But over all it was a really laid back easy going day. The OFM worked on his coloring effort that is taking forever due to all the small items to color and coordinate with the rest of the final product.

Here is a sneak look at a part of it.

The OFM went to the Sirloin Stockade in Del Rio for supper and it was very adequate. The salad etc bar is actually a good A- to the OFM. Parking is plentiful and easy to park a truck in.

And finally we have the sunset from tonight and it is very representative of the kind of day it has been. Nothing bad but certainly nothing great either.

Looks like the OFM needs to do a bit better on the having tooooo much fun idea.

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