Morning Sun


A Favorite Walking Trail From The Past


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Today Date: 3-17-2023

The leg and foot have continued to heal briskly. More walking was accomplished today. And the walking today brought back memories of a walking place at Amistad near Del Rio Texas. This set of pictures were taken a couple of years ago before the OFM got the wobbles he has now but we think you might enjoy the scenery.

Our starting location is 277 South Access point and the lake was about 45 feet low at the time. Here is a picture from out away from the cliffs to see the area of all the walking fun.

We usually started about here and headed up onto the cliffs for a nice amble around the area above the lake.

For the first few feet it was gentle scrambling up the large and small rocks and was lots of fun as long as you dodge any natural critters that might be messing around in the boulders.

After the first bit of scrambling upward you get a moments breather then hit the steeper section to gain more altitude.

Then you get to the highway around the cliff that leads you to all sorts of beautiful scenery to photograph.

The OFM did this trail several times until he turned 73 a few years ago and his balance became less than needed to be scrambling like this safely. For the 13 years it lasted it was great for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Great hike. I know how you feel, OFM. I now look up mountains many times wishing I could still climb them. Oh well, we're still moving.