Tooooo Much Fun Maybe


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-12-2023

It is very late for the OFM to start writing the blog so tonight it will be very short. The day has been very eventful for photographs and planning.

The first photo was from the breakfast table of the morning sun. Photos were in serious quantity today.

It has also been extremely busy planning rolling and gathering information for the choices we have. So rest is the main thing tonight since it is late for an OFM to be up making life changing decisions. Tomorrow is planned to be the day to set up the rolling plans for the next few weeks as we chase trying to have tooooo fun much plans. See you tomorrow with some very good photos for your enjoyment. For now we are going to get clean and hit the sack for sleeping.


  1. I'm glad you posted before you went to bed! I was looking to see about the rolling plans you talked about yesterday. The clock change knocks us all for a loop. Hope you have a good night.