Income Tax Is Over


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today Date: 3-27-2023

Another very busy day for the OFM body. But first the most important news.

We did get to the tax preparation place and the taxes are all complete. During the explanation of the forms we found out the OFM Teams did not make enough money in 2022 to have to file an income tax return. That was good to hear. This completes the item list that we returned to Rockport to get competently taken care of . Now we are free to roam until July. Where should we go and when should we go?

Next on the maintenance list was the water heater anode rod. We got the heater drained and fairly well flushed without much trouble.

The arrow points to the threaded coupling that accepts the anode rod that protects the steel tank.

 The tank was put into service in summer of 2005 so we are getting good service from it. As Tess said it can be a bit difficult to get the new anode rod started into the threaded coupling. However we only took three tries before we got it installed and drip free.

This next picture shows the old rod in its excessively worn out status.

It had been in service over 18 months due to OFM knuckleheadedness. One year is considered a decent service time. The anode rod is what protects the steel tank on suburban RV water heaters from rusting out from the inside. Please replace yours as require and save the expensive major headache of having to replace the heater totally.

And just for fun check out this coating of pollen that gathered today on the hood of Sierra. Can you imagine a coating like that in your lungs?

The OFM has been having allergy trouble for a few days already and the worst is yet to get here.

The OFM is worn out just thinking about all the stuff today so we are going to rest and get ready for a big day of tooooo much fun.


  1. My olive green car under the carport has turned chartreuse from the post oak pollen. Well, it's almost over. And then there will be the pecan tree pollen in a few weeks. Always something to look forward to.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I was wondering where everybody went.