Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Beach Park Fun

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 10-31-2020
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It was a great start to the day. A touch cool but warming up fast. The sun was coming up fast and we missed the sunrise but the early morning sun was still dramatic in out eyes. We had chosen the beach park for the morning walk and hurried over there.  Sierra had barely gotten us into the park when the OFM just had to grab this first picture.  It was changing very rapidly and two minutes later it was not near as nice.

A couple of minutes later Sierra had gotten parked at a good location near the start of the beach and today’s walking. This is how the whole day looked and by noon it was 70+ and wonderful.

The OFM got us over to the start of the beach walk and decided we needed to show our readers how crowded it was on this Saturday morning. 

We got on along at a good pace since the OFM body was doing well for a change.  In fact we ended up with over three miles covered today. There were all sorts of things to distract the OFM but we kept him moving briskly for the most part. Photo ops were relegated to 30 seconds and get moving now!  We were nearly the first person on the beach this morning but not quite. There is a runner that runs most morning right along the water. That runner was a couple of minutes  ahead of us.

Here is one of the distracting things we found.  The small salt water wavelets were making foam piles on the beach sand.  We took several pictures in attempting to get a photo that showed the bright sparkles. This was the best we could get and it is fairly neat but not quite as bright sparkled as the real thing was.

We came back along the beach and then headed on along more of the park. The morning was so pleasant  the OFM did not want to quit even after we had been walking for an hour and a half. But we had already scheduled more to be done and we climbed into Sierra and went on with the rest of the wonderful day searching for more places for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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