Journey Completed (Updated)

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 10-21-2020
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Well we rolled into Rockport right at noon after a little under 200 miles on the road.  The rolling went well with very little traffic.

When we got to the campground we found the owner gone but a camper told us the story. The owners pregnant wife started having a trouble so they ran off to a hospital to see what was the trouble. The Teams did the normal thing in that situation and chose an empty site and set up. A meter reading was taken. Then a note that we were here was put on the door to the mail room.

It was night before we remembered to grab a picture of the new campsite.  We chose one very near the campground entrance so we can go and come easily. Here is the site lighted by the area night lighting.


10:00 PM The campground owner just came back to the campground and politely notified me that I had to change spots since this spot is for a camper coming in in about two weeks that needs the 50 amp plug. So within a couple of days the OFM Teams will be going to a different site. HMMMMM.

Earlier we had been running around checking out the new stuff and changes since last January. We were greeted at the marina with palm trees and yellow flowers.

We have our walking route worked out and hope to start it tomorrow. If we get it going there will be pictures for sure.

So far the really high spot of the day was freshly made delicious chicken tacos for supper. Man they are good here in Rockport. 

Enough things have changed we will take a little while to sort out the area. Then we will go nuts trying to have tooooo much fun.

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