Heavy Foliage


Dewey Webs

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-08-2020
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A great morning it was to start with and THEN  it got better. The OFM decided to go back to his old walking pace of just into aerobic deep breathing and see what happens. Four miles happened with minimal joint pains. In fact he did not even need a dose of ibuprofen afterward. Well as least we know to stay away from higher speed exercise walking from now on. He will likely forget and try it again and pay the price.

During the walk we noticed it was visible spiderweb time with the high humidity collecting on the webs. All too often he just runs right into the web and thrashes around like crazy getting rid of it from his face.  BUT when you see them ahead of time they can be pretty nice pieces of art. Here are three of them we photographed during the walk today.

This one was right next to the trail first thing this morning. The dew was hanging heavy on it but that helped show up the webbing. We feel it is very nice looking.

This web was about twelve feet above the trail and sparkled in the sunlight to attract our attention. We wish the camera had been able to catch the sparkling. Take our word for it, the web was gorgeous. 

Then the third web was back in the trees a little bit and would have been missed if not for a little breeze through the trees moving the leaves caught on the web. We had to stop moving and watch closely at first to see the web.  In the photo you will be able to see a few strands of webbing by the droplets on it. If the light was not just right the leaves looked like they were just floating there in space. It was a neat scene to enjoy.

As it worked out there were several more photos of other neat things to admire and photograph while we were working hard on trying to have tooooo much fun.

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