Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico



 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 10-22-2020
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 After a bad nights unrest the OFM headed to Whataburger for egg and potato  rolled in a soft tortilla.  They were wonderful.

Then it was back to the campground and move the Castle. It was not a hard job but it was a HOT AND SWEATY job. It took about 45 minutes with a couple of cool off breaks.  Winter has not even started to approach here yet.

We got it all done. The good part is the sites are not crowded near each other. Here is a picture of the new location.

After that a light meal was in order and a nap since the OFM was not feeling decent from the high humidity and 90F.

When he woke from the nap, we headed to the waterfront to do a bit of fishing and shade seeking. The OFM ended up in a great  long (2 hours+) visit with a nice couple from San Antonio. We saw good old Joe from Missouri catch one nice sized trout.  After the long visit, the OFM worked the water over pretty heavily with no fish bothering any of his lures.

Back at the Castle another nap captured him and he feels a lot better tonight.

Tomorrow Sierra heads into the shop to find our what is causing some serious weird tire wear on the front driver side tire. You should not let front tires of your tow vehicle blow out while towing. It can be more excitement than most human hearts can stand. Hopefully Sierra will be well soon and the OFM can relax a little as he is figuring out what is next in the search for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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