Heavy Foliage


His Pants Got Bigger

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-01-2020
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It has been eventful today, but first things first. As the OFM was putting his pants on he noticed that they were awfully loose on him. Then he noticed that his belt would not tighten properly. Examination of the belt showed he needed to punch another hole to tighten it more, WOW.

Then while checking his pants it occurred to him that maybe his pants were too big now. So he tried on the last pair of pants he had of his old size from a few years ago.  They fit rather well. So it looks like the cutting back on the calorie intake is doing some good.

Next it was off to brisk walk the new loop on the walking trail. It is about 2.75 miles. We made it right on the 20 minutes a mile time.  A 20 minute cool down and rest and the OFM body was good to go. Yep we had been pushing him too hard it looks like.

As we walked the trail next to the golf course, it was noticed that the crape myrtles were full of fresh flower buds.  It looks like we will soon have a huge burst of bright flowers to enjoy on the walk. That will be nice.

On down the road a ways the OFM spotted some pink pretty “flowers” or whatever they are. They are a really pretty shade of pink. We have no idea what their name is.

This brisk weather reminded the OFM he needed to pick up a couple of long sleeve tee shirts for the south Texas winter. It gets pretty cold down there, so a long sleeve tee shirt is needed now and then in those miserable cold 45F nights. The Decatur Super Walmart is still rearranging the store so nobody knows where anything is. But we got part of what we needed and headed back to the Castle.

We made a big dent in another painting effort and had a great time trying to have tooooo much fun.


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