Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Forty Eight

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-05-2020
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It was a major step in the recovery from the left arm damage from a fall on March 3, 2020. The OFM has been doing exercises to rebuild the strength in his left arm and seemed to be making slow progress.

Today was exciting proof that the recovery is in progress.  After lunch the OFM went to the golf course to do some light club swinging as part of the recuperation process. It seemed to be that the shoulder/arm was ready to try playing golf.

We meandered over to our friendly starter and visited a bit. The course was not busy at all so we would not be holding anyone up as the OFM learned how to play golf as a decrepit old man.  

The green fee and cart fee was paid for 9 holes. Yep the OFM started having to ride a cart last year. So today we headed to the course not having played for over a year, with new to us clubs and uncertain physical ability with regard to the left shoulder.

The good news is the OFM put all his shots in the fairway. They were not necessarily in the best spot in the fairway but still not having to play several shots from the trees and brush was a new  style for the OFM Golf Team.  Now the putter was a totally different story. The OFM never did get a feel for the distance the ball would roll. A six foot putt going one way could easily turn into a ten foot putt coming back. Well at least we know what to practice the most now.

Here is the scorecard for the round of nine holes and a score of 48 from the gold tees.. We were well pleased with the fairway play and sadly disappointed in the putting. And at the end of the nine holes the OFM was very sure that we had played enough for the first time in over a year. Ibuprofen is our good friend again tonight.  We really enjoyed the golf again as a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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