Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Storm Damage

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 10-12-2020

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Internet trouble most of the day 1-13-2020.

Since  Tropical Storm Delta had cleared the area and clouds were moving out fast the morning sun was warm and bright even in the cave made by the trees along the river path.

The walk turned out to be a bit over three miles and generally pleasant.  Soon after we started, the minor but important type of damage we spotted along the path made us aware the Castle had been lucky.  Quite a bit of downed dead limbs had showed up along the path. We are sure there are a lot more back in the woods too.

The first ones we saw were these about 5-7 feet long and bigger in diameter than an OFM foot. We bet they would have cause roofing material damage as a minimum if they hit the Castle’s roof.

A little way on down the path was this old trunk we have been watching to see when it would fall. Well it was recently along with a good sized limb.  We think this trunk could have cracked the siding on the Castle. That would be horrible.

There was a steady stream of limbs down along the pathway.  This next one was a limb that hit end down and rammed its way over a foot into the ground and was standing.  The logs on the ground came down a couple of weeks ago in a thunder storm. The OFM was not able to pull it out but it was slightly loose in the dirt. We are afraid that one might have penetrated an RV roof if it hit the roof like it hit the ground.

We were meandering along at at least fifty inches and hour when the OFM spotted this funny item on a tree trunk. We got close for a photo. It turned out to be a spider web with an entry hole in the middle. The foolish OFM put a finger on it to make sure it was a spider web. It was. Then he recalled that his finger is NOT spider bite proof.

There was a nice parade of folks on the trails this morning so we got to give out a lot of TEXAS sized HOWDYS to them. That was nice and a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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