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High Tides

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 10-26-2020
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The weather did not know what it was going to do this morning. Bright and sunny or cloudy and wet or windy or not. Check out this early morning weather picture from near the wooden pier in the Rockport Beach Park.

Apparently the new hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico is pushing water into the Rockport area. When the tides are normal the pier stair shown in this picture goes down to the dry sand of the beach. The flooding sea water was about a foot deep at the bottom of the stair this morning.

Later in the day we headed down to the Light House Lakes area to see what had changed. Not much was changed. However the higher tides had flooded a bunch of the small dunes area. As you can see from the picture the weather turned out bright and sunny. We are really glad we are not in the Denver Co. area instead of here on the Texas lower coast.

We visited with lots of old friends and toured a big chunk of the area to see what had changed since we left here late January.  There has been a good bit more changes than we thought there would be. However we still have plenty of space to rampage around trying to have tooooo much fun.

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