Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Arrested By The Police

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-13-2020
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Just as the OFM was about to publish last nights blog, all the Internet in the area went down.  We ran the tests recommended and they said that a part of the system not local had failed. So  when the system came back up about 1600 today we were ready for it to be back online.

We did find out how to use the new reservation system for Point Mallard when it starts up January 2. We are thinking we can make it work for us pretty well. We will see.

Preparation for pulling out Sunday morning in the cold weather is under way.  We will be leaving at a good time. Four days of towing back to Rockport Texas will be the time frame. Then we will be there until the personal Christmas stuff is taken care of and them who knows.

Today the OFM did not do a long walk but rather did several 1 mile +/- walks to work on some calf cramps that he was suffering from. It worked out well and healing seems over with.

This picture of the red green leaves caught the OFM’s attention on the first walk and are a nice calming photograph we think.

Then on a walk along the street next to the golf course we spotted this health looking tree except it has fungus growing up one side of the tree. Here is a close up of the rather nice looking fungus.

Then back in the campground we spotted another live tree with a huge growth of very dark fungus on it. We are guessing it was about six feet along the truck.

Then we moved in close to see whatever there was to see.

We did a little running around town and shopping for minor stuff just to get out of the campground.  Not much was going on except at Walmart we saw two policemen come running out the other door and stop a fellow who was leaving the door we went in.  We just kept on moving into the store. Supposedly he was arrested and taken away peacefully.

When the Internet started working about 1600 this afternoon we finished yesterday's blog and published it. 

Now we are about to publish tonight’s tales of excitement and wild adventures while trying to have tooooo much  fun.

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