Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Good Morning Rain

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-11-2020
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The morning dawned looking like this and stayed that way until mid afternoon.

We piddled our little hearts out hoping for some sunshine as soon as the TS Delta got on past  us. It finally did in mid afternoon and the OFM Walking Team scrambled to get the walking shoes installed on the OFM so he would not have any excuse to get his ancient old body moving. We keep reminding him he has to take care of himself if he is going to see grand daughter Piper graduate from high school.

So we got him out the door and agreed to stay on the pavement and not walk the gravel and dirt trails.  We hit the road to the big park area near the soccer fields.  Tons of folks were out at the fields kicking the balls and each other around and having a great time. 

The Team went on around the soccer field and down by a couple of open air meeting places with roofs on them. Then we looped around the indoor ice skating rink near the big oak trees.  That is where it happened. A 47 pound acorn came screaming out of a tree giving a loud BANZAI yell and aiming for the OFM’s delicate bald head. The OFM managed to dodge the acorn by a fraction of a millimeter as it whistled by faster than a speeding locomotive.  It was a large 3/4“ diameter hard acorn. We could see the size but the way it careened off the paving we knew it had to be made of stainless steel at least.

After that incident we were careful to stay out from under any more acorn bearing oak trees.
Safely back at the Castle we took a break and figured out what was for supper. It was an excellent choice.  Bell pepper, yellow crookneck squash, onion, thin sliced boneless pork chop were the main ingredients. Spices were fresh ground black pepper, garlic powder and Mc Cormicks Italian seasoning.
A teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of water and the cooking got busy. Six minutes later the feast was ready for enjoying.

We have plans to leave Alabama on October 18 to head to Rockport Tx to check on an eye doctor that comes with high recommendations from a few folks we know. That will also put us there right at the start of flounder fishing season. We have reservations for two months at the Quiet One RV Park. It is $225 a month cheaper than Point Mallard here in Alabama and has more amenities but a lot farther from the grand kids. But we bet you we will find some way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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