Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Beautiful Sunny Day

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 10-29-2020
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It was cool to cold the first thing this morning when the Teams headed to the beach area to walk. The wind was strong and the chill too much. But the high water from the hurricane was gone and the flags were waving goodbye to the storm effects.

So we meandered the beach park inside Sierra and did some looking around. This picture of the wooden pier in the beach park shows the upcoming bright sunlight that showed up mid morning. By 1400 it was 70F and very nice.

When we left the beach park we moseyed on down to the boat entry to the harbor. The usual guards were on duty there to announce any arrivals.

The highlight of today was going to Tackle Town and purchasing a new fishing rod for our use. Now we can have two rods with different baits on them ready to use when an occasion calls for quick changes.

Then when we came out of Tackle Town a higher highlight came on. The restaurant with the best chicken tacos in the county is a two minute walk down the sidewalk from the fishing gear store.  Yep the OFM destroyed a wonderful plate of chicken tacos and trimmings. Ole Big Belly managed to get back to Sierra to head out for more fun.

Last year certain things were so undesirable to the OFM that he had told many folks he was not coming back to Rockport until things changed for the better. Our running around since we got back has found that most of the objections have been resolved.  Things in this area are looking up it seems. At least it is improved enough to stay a little longer this year even though the personal reason we came back is now finished. We will still have to see how things work out, but it looks promising.

Now we need to rest so tomorrow we can continue the rampaging and maybe get some miles on the OFM’s shoes over at the Community Park. Who knows what the OFM will do in the name of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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