Heavy Foliage


Walked Too Far

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-14-2020
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Twas a nice day all around for a change. Not a lot of excitement and good food. That can be a very pleasant day can’t it.

After a great sleep the morning moved along peacefully. When it warmed up enough we got busy with the morning walk and what a walk it was. The walk was not planned exactly, just follow the nice for until you get back to the Castle. 3.8 miles later and an hour and a half we were back at the Castle. WOW.  But the ibuprofen taken later was a warning to not go quite so far next time.

Any way we got a few nice pictures during this nice weather. The sky was bright blue and the crepe myrtle plants leaves were turning bright red and contrasted very beautifully with the bright blue sky background.

At another spot along the trail was some shells in the water sitting as if two clams had died and the shells opened. Since Wheeler lake is lowering water for the winter, the shell were in about a foot of water and nicely visible. Here is a view of them with the reflected vegetation of the trees and vines camouflaging the shells.

Near the end of the walk we paused to get this picture of the trees and the reflection from the calm water to enjoy. Actually we stood there enjoying the scene for a few minutes. It was down right great.

After we returned to the Castle it was time for a shower, some ibuprofen and rest. Then we headed to Lawler’s for a stuffed baked potato. Good grief the potato was huge today.  When we got back to the Castle with it, the OFM went over and borrowed the campground fork lift to take it to the door of the Castle and slide it inside.

After the lunch half was completed the other half of the potato was put away for supper. Even the part for supper was almost too much.

Tomorrow starts our planned getting ready to roll Sunday morning. Saturday is a grand kids day so most of the get ready needs to be done by Friday. It will be the usual four days of travel for about a thousand miles total. A nice part is that each stop usually ends up with a minor adventure to provide a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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