Heavy Foliage


Gamma Grass

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-09-2020
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Today was dedicated to a visit with the grand kids and their parents.  The grands were in a somewhat subdued mode today. It was nice to get in a visit with them without all the usual hyper activity. We had a nice lunch from a Greek place and the OFM got to experience some new to him food styles. It was good but it did require some patience for the good to show up since it was quite different in taste.

Lots of nice visiting and then it was time to head home to get ready for the hurricane remnants coming to town tomorrow. The big worry is if it rains too much and floods in the campground again. We will see.

How about a new painting to laugh at? This one is named Gamma Grass and was a fun one to paint.

We have never seen one of these in the wild so it was a paint from someone else’s photo cactus. It was a good experience and a nice way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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