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A Different Whataburger Interior Decor

 Adventure Location: Tatum, Texas
Adventure Date: 10-19-2020
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We got a good start this morning and were rolling well on down I-20 westward for a couple of hours before the FIRST slow down/stop and go. It was caused by a piece of construction equipment that fell off the transporting trailer. We will call this one a twenty minute delay. Then there were the two highway construction delays that slowed traffic from 65 to 35 for a few miles each. The good news is everyone was polite and orderly and the slow downs went very smoothly.

We got to Martin Creek Lake SP only a little over an hour later than was originally planned.

At one place in Monroe Louisiana we found out the Castles brakes are very capable of locking the wheels on the Castle so they slide instead of roll. But Sierra handled it all  very well and the trailer brakes are now set to have a little less gain than before. No harm and a great education was given to the OFM. He thought he had been very careful about the braking gain adjustment and he had. But with the new information we were able to make some careful adjustment. So we made the 320 miles in good time and the new rig weight lightening and weight distribution proved to be another good effort on the  OFM’s part.
The OFM rewarded himself for a safe two days of journey with a Whataburger at the Henderson, Texas  store. It has a totally different interior decor than all the other Whataburger stores we have been. Surfboards and guitars are the wall decorations within a 50‘s ish decor.

Now we are writing tonight’s blog during light rain disturbances from a campground that five weeks ago when we came through did not have Hotspot signal in the camping area.

We are a little over 400 miles from our final destination and plan on covering a bit more that 200 miles tomorrow. So that way we hope to roll into Rockport early afternoon. 

Then we can get busy harassing the fish as a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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