Bird and Snake

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-15-2020
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It has gotten to blog writing time with no special idea available to write about. So you will be reading whatever pops out of the empty head of the OFM.

A couple of days ago someone was commenting about the Alabama cold weather in the winter. They made the statement that since Alabama is more north than Texas, Alabama  was colder during the winter months. We disagreed that Alabama went farther north than Texas and said so. The reaction was traumatic since apparently the OFM stepped on some ego toes. We left that discussion still on speaking terms.

Today was a day of thinking of things to do as we ready for rolling Sunday morning.  Well the OFM thought of that conversation above and went to the Internet to check some maps. Well the fact is that the north boundary line of Texas is a little over 100 miles farther North than the north boundary line of Alabama.

So naturally the OFM had to check the southernmost tip of Texas. We thought it was about the same 100 miles farther south than the southern limit of Alabama.  We were wrong by a good bit. The southernmost tip of Texas is about 300 miles south of the most southern point in Alabama. 

Whew now that that is out of the way we can  relax.

Here is a nice picture of a creek that comes from on the local golf course and runs out into the Tennessee River. It makes a nice fall picture we think. 

This next picture is two pieces of wood sticking out of the water in Flint Creek. The piece on top looks like a bird taking flight to get away from the snake (another stick) swimming up to the bird.

Sometimes the OFM’s imagination runs away with him. 

At least he has a vivid imagination for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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