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 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 10-24-2020
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We got a good start this morning and had a busy day. After the early morning computer work we headed to the marina area to walk. OOOPS way too many folks and a really chilly wind ripping across the area.

On back through town we went to the Community Park walking trail.  At least the trees sheltered us from the chilly wind. This park trail system has loops through the trees to keep it interesting. Here is a map of the park.

We did the blue trail with intentions of two laps for over three miles. There were so many camera distractions we managed one lap and 45 pictures for inspiration for more art efforts NOT in a coloring book. Then it was time to have lunch. The OFM has not yet been through all the pictures but we hope it generates several nice paintings.  Paintings are a lot of fun for the members of the OFM Art Society.  That is the newly formed group that is a member of the OFM Teams.

After all that nonsense we finally got started down the trail. This is the same park and trails we have covered many times in the OFMAdventures blog. But this year we are here in the Fall to see what we can see. Very quickly the Teams camera went to work photographing inspirations. The “leafy” scenes were in abundance during most of the walking. Those pics have not been processed yet so they will have to wait for their future exciting opportunities to improve blogs.

However when we got to the duck/turtle pond, the OFM did slip over to the side of the trail for a nice picture of it.

The rest of the trail wound around and provided many more photograph opportunities. When we got to Sierra the OFM Walking Team was ready to take a rest so we left to check the in town pier for “population”.  It was getting crowded. Soon to be too crowded for Covid-19 spacing.

For the rest of the afternoon we did a bunch of marina piddling around ( fishing) and visited with several folks visiting the area.  Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez were particularly interesting to visit since we discussed RVing at length. Thank you folks the OFM Team really enjoyed the long visit.

Now with pictures to edit tomorrow and more adventures to go and do, you can be sure we will have a great effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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