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Beach Walking

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 10-27-2020
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The OFM is beat to a pulp with all the doing things we did today. So tonight we will present part of our Walk On The Beach event. The Rockport Beach is a man made beach that is about .9 miles long. It is frequently very heavily used but today it was nearly empty. That was probably due to the very bad for this area weather.

It was a little over cast, very cold at 62F with a chilly north wind and a week day. The OFM thought it was just right for a good adventure walk. He was right. We shot about 60 photos to edit.

Since he needed to get  back into some decent walking exercise, we chose the beach for the fun of it.

We started at the far inside the park end at the famous wooden pier where the OFM catches loads of fish at times. This is the view from the starting point.

The beach is a man-made beach. The beach material (sand) comes from inland about 100 miles away. It is sand with a bit of gravel mixed in it. The mix is very comfortable for walking barefoot in.  The gravel gathers in rows on the beach from the wave action. This is the OFM foot on one of the gravel rows to give you an idea of the texture and size of the particulate.

During our walk today there was a minor influx of jelly fish washing ashore. They were smaller than the Teams had seen in a long time. Here is the infamous OFM toe again.

Another interesting item is these yellow seeds. The green seeds are mangrove plant seeds.  The yellow seeds are shaped like the mangrove seeds but we have never seen yellow ones before. So naturally we had to have a picture here tonight.

 Also today there was a good number of critter homes (shells) washing ashore. Here is a nice looking home right in the wash line. Some one must have been at home since the shell was blowing bubbles. We liked this picture quite a bit.

For the whole walk the OFM got in a bit over two miles and he could tell he had not been out doing proper walking in a little over a week. He needs to get back at it so he will be in better shape for trying to have tooooo  much  fun.

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