Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


New Plans Needed

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 10-17-2020
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A couple of days ago on an evening walk about, the OFM Walking Team captured this photo of a heron patiently waiting for supper to meander by.

We thought it was a particularly nice evening type picture.

The Castle is as ready to roll as we could get it before tomorrow’s morning rolling. We have about 286 miles to go tomorrow. The goal location is I-20 and the vicinity of Morton, Mississippi. It could be the state park or a nearby state rest area. We will not know until we get there what we will do.

If things go well the next night will be in Texas somewhere near I-20 or Tatum Texas.  That is about all there is to tell about the upcoming travels at this time.

It was a great visit with the grandkids and their parents. We had fried catfish and BBQ’d brisket for lunch. It was very good. The only “trouble” was the grands were not ready for a nap after lunch like the old folks were.

An important subject of discussion was about with the changes to the Alabama folks lifestyle with the kids getting bigger, schooling changes and the OFM lifestyle being torn apart by the campground’s new rules was productive. We still do not have a solution or plan for visiting but at least we are all on the same page now. A new plan definitely will not get to lay around being ignored.  The grands are changing and growing way too fast to just wait a while longer.

The OFM Teams roll in the morning and have a good chance of being incognito for a couple of days. Do not despair, we will return as full of it as usual. A site is reserved for two months in Rockport, Texas to chase flounder, photos for everyone to enjoy and the OFM Teams doing their best to try to have tooooo much fun..

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