Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Plop Down Spot

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-01-2020
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The morning was cool enough to want a wind breaker at the start but it was quickly too warm for the wind breaker. We were at Memorial Park here in Rockport Tx. The OFM had been calling it Community Park but has been corrected on that issue. Whatever name you call it, it is a very nice place for fun.

A request came in a few days ago. “Please show us your studio where you paint.”  The studio is where ever he plops down to do his art. So tonight we will get a tour of the typical “plop down spots” the OFM uses. 

The primary studio is the dining room table in the Castle and it has been seen many times in this blog. The table is about three feet by two feet and gets crowded frequently with all sorts of projects.

Some other places you will see are representative of locations all along our travel routes. These next three happen to be here in Rockport.

Our first one is called the Red Bench.

It is just a bench near the pond and a few feet from the paved walking trail. The OFM can relax there and make sketches in a sketch book or color a painting clipped to his clipboard. Basically he can and does just paint where he happens to be. It is a nice place but can be a bit less that perfect if it is wet and rainy or cold or too hot.

Another place in the park is the shaded rest area next to the main restroom.

It has the clean rest room, trash can, drinking fountain, good seating, close to the parking lot and nice folks and puppies coming by to visit with on occasion. This place works decently for water color painting with the sinks and water supply. Other artists from 5 year old to into their 80‘s have been seen here.

Then we have the location in Rockport TX Beach Park at the gazebos.

The two gazebo structures are about a half mile apart and near the beach area. Notice Sierra lazing around in the parking lot. The upstairs picnic area gives a nice 180 degree overlook of the bay and park. Restrooms and water is available down stairs. Occasional friendly folks stop by while just meandering the area. This particular place gets you folks from all over the USA during the winter Texan times of the winter. It is fun to talk to all the “foreigners” from other states and countries.

The OFM studios are scattered all over the country. That , of course, means that we get to try to have tooooo much fun all over the country.

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