GISP Truth

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-03-2020
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We were just getting going on the early morning walk when across the parking lot we heard the OFM’s people name being called. WHOA. What is happening? What was happening was Ray that we had not seen since last January was hollering at the OFM.  We sauntered on over for a nice reunion of old folks.

During the reunion the subject of Goose Island State Park and the pier there came up. Ray had been told the pier that was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey had finally been replaced. The OFM had been following the Texas State Parks web site and it says the pier and area will still be in construction and closed for a few more months.

Well that gave the Teams a good reason to head on over there at the first chance. Which we did.

Here is the truth and pictures to prove it.

Goose Island is a small island that is part of Goose Island State Park (GISP).  We rolled up to the entrance kiosk and received our entry pass. Then Sierra hard headedly headed on to the short bridge to Goose Island.

Sure enough the road was all repaired. Then when we rounded the bend in the road, there it was. A completed brand new first class pier. It is definitely a major improvement over the worn down old pier.

This shows the long pier that is available to fish from on some pretty prime fishing areas.

The other thing that the website says wrong is that camping on the island is still closed.  Most of the campsites were in use or had a reserved sign on them.

It is a pretty decent place to go to camp or just have a nice day walking in the trees or messing around the water. However it is a very popular place. To the best of his memory, the OFM’s first time there was in early 1971. He has been back many times since then.

Another asset is that the park is only 5-6 miles from the Rockport/Fulton area and all their nice shops, restaurants and other coastal type of fun things to do while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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