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Touring Campgrounds

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-13-2020
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Mr. Right Ankle was pretty well healed this morning so we headed over to Memorial Park “for as much gentle waking as it could stand.”  The big surprise was that it was a bit over two miles before we quit.  Sometimes all this super high humidity seems to make the walks more difficult than out in the desert.

After a bit of a break we started in on the big task for today. Check out a bunch of campgrounds in the area to see what the campground situation is now.  We made it through about fifteen of them.  Most of them had empty spaces which is odd for this late in the year.  Prices were up about 25-30% over last year.  That is a lot of jump in our opinion for a no improvements campground. This chore took until near dark.

So we had Sierra make a quick run to the Rockport Harbor where the OFM tossed lures a few times to no avail. Then the sun was setting and this nice picture was found floating around in the sky.

Then it was back home for some serious rest after a very busy day of running around and also trying to have tooooo much fun.

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