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The Blizzard Arrived

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-30-2020
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The weather started it with a miserable cold blizzard that was in action when the OFM awakened at 0746. It didn’t take long for the OFM to get his new over the calf socks on his legs to help keep the miserable winter weather from freezing them. IF you get the idea, the OFM DOES NOT LIKE WINTER WEATHER, then you are right. Winter temperatures start at 55F.

The socks had been bought yesterday when the weather forecast predicted a severe winter front coming into town. Wind and temperatures way too cold for reasonable humans was predicted, thus the new socks.

While we were at Walmart the OFM had a very unusual experience. He purchased a piece of Christmas decoration to celebrate December’s arrival tomorrow. Here it is in action.

And he even has it lit tonight.  He must be getting soft at his ancient age. Or maybe he just wanted a fire for more warmth in the Castle. Who knows with that fool.

After running around and fishing in the blizzard conditions, he finally gave up losing lures to the ice floes and we went back to the Castle.

When it was supper time, he had half of a two day old sub sandwich. The good part was next. It was HOT CHOCOLATE time in the old Castle.

It was definitely a good beverage especially while it was very hot to warm the big belly in the OFM. That belly takes a lot of warming, you know. In a bit we are hoping he gets busy on the hot TEA. That is another favorite beverage for the OFM.

From all of this you can tell The OFM Teams are ready for the cooler weather and hot beverages while we are working hard at trying to have tooooo much fun


  1. Hoping that the Castle doesn't get frozen in place.
    Keeping oneself warm is a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Hi Barney Glad I said something about the comments. Hope they can stay now. It's was good to see them all from yesterday. I knew you had more people interested in your blog that commented.

    We are down to 47 degrees with a chilly wind. I put socks on too! Stay warm & have a good day. I agree ~ nice framed up picture in the header. Thanks for the effort.

  3. 55° is when we wear polar fleece jackets around here. That's fall in Minnesota. It's 37° here today, That calls for a shell over the fleece to turn the fleece into an insulating layer. One thing about living in Minnesota I already knew how to do layers when I was RVing in Arizona's winter when the sun went down and the desert got cold. I've even been know to wear silk long underwear in AZ for sitting around a campfire with friends after dark. My socks are mostly wool because they keep feet warm even when wet because my feet start sweating when sitting too close to that fire.

    MMM. Hot chocolate. Now I'm craving some of that.

    1. I do like my hot chocolate. I just bought a new big container of it today.

  4. I was grumbling the other day about men's athletic socks seeming to come only in 12-pair packages. I don't need that many. Four pairs would do me just fine. So I supposed you have a pile of mates to the socks you're modeling in the photo.

    1. I kept three pair and gave the others away. My usual is about 20 days a year for cold weather clothing. We have wheels to dodge cold weather normally.