Shower/Tub Surround

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-18-2020
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Last night while researching another item, we ran across a video about tub/shower RV surrounds. This was all brand new information for the OFM Teams.

According to the RV repair shop owner, tub/shower surrounds last about 6-7 years before the racking of the RV structure going down the road breaks the surround caulking at the top edge.  This leaves a crack that catches water and holds it against the wall.

The OFM in his normal reactionary style jumped up and went to check the Castle’s surround. Lo and Behold he found several places the caulk had cracked clear through leaving a 1/8“ seam opening when the surround was flexed. VERY BAD!

The first chore on today’s agenda was to recaulk that seam. It was a bit of a challenge since the bath tub is not the best location for tip toe work. The seam in contention is just a little above the OFM’s eyebrows when he stands bare foot in the tub. He was afraid to wear shoes in the thin plastic tub.

Anyway the caulking job went well if slow. Squeezing a caulking tube with arthritic hands is not fun. Here is a picture of the caulking location.

While finishing the seam we noticed two more spots. One spot at each end of the seam needed a bit more work, which he supplied. Now we have to wait until tomorrow for the caulk to cure and be ready for the tub to be used.

From this experience we recommend that every RV owner that has a surround should check it at least twice a year to make certain the caulk has not separated and is letting water drain down the wall. The OFM just reached up and gently pulled on the surround and the bad spots pulled away from the wall easily. There seems to always be something else to check on a RV instead of running around trying to have tooooo much fun.

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