Morning Sun


OFM Wets His Pants

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-11-2020
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The early morning start towards some fishing at the Fulton Harbor was met with very dense fog. Here is a photo of what we were looking at from the bulkhead.

The fog lasted for about an hour and then faded off slowly until we had some sunshine. After thrashing the water to a frothy mess we gave up with nary a bite.

It seemed a good walk should be next so it was off to the Memorial Park trail system.  The OFM was ready to give the new insoles some good testing.  They passed very easily as it worked out.

The big surprise was all the hundreds of spider webs hanging everywhere in the vegetation.  The fog had condensed on the webs and coated the strands with large droplets of water.  When the sun started to hit them it was fantastically beautiful.  Photographing them was not so easy.

Here is one that was at least four feet high.

Another of the many webs was next to the walking path. It was quite impressive in person since it was tall as well as “thick” with layers.

About this time several photos had been taken and the OFM noticed the front of his pants were wet like he had had an old man accident. He had not but pushing the tall grasses and foliage around to “get the picture” had certainly created that illusion. But that did not stop us.

On down the path was a very pretty smaller web about one foot across but well made.  It was a mess to get to but since the OFM was already wet from the dew, he went for it.

Then on down the path a little ways was several sticks or stalks. Between the sticks was a several webs vying for space.  It looked like a web convention.

The walk took a little over two hours because of all the photo opportunities, puppy petting opportunities ( about a dozen) and meeting four new folks and having short visits about what the Teams were doing. 

It was definitely a great morning of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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