Wintering Question Again

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-22-2020
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The age old RVing question came up a few times in the last month when the OFM was talking about fishing to folks with non-Texas license plates on their vehicles. “Why don’t you go to southern Arizona for the winter where it is warmer?” The OFM is never right ( according to the questioner) when he disagrees that southern Arizona is warmer.

If you go to  and check the facts about where the lowest average temperature for the winter for Arizona is: Yuma at 46.0 F.

Now do the same research for Texas and you will find the lowest average temperature for the winter for Texas is: Brownsville at 51.0 F.

Now on to things more fun.

The day was a pleasant one for sure. Warm breeze and clear sunshine is great. We did some non-organized meandering around the area re-learning the layout of some of the away from the water places.  Then as the day aged we went back to the salt water to wet a hook or a few hooks in reality. But no fish were to be found. Part of that is probably since it was a big visitor day here in the area. The regular junk market at the marina area draws in a pretty good crowd every month. This month was no exception.

 Today had been declared No Exercise Walking Day to rest the OFM’s leg joints. It seemed to work as the leg joints felt better as the day went along.

The most exciting thing that happened was when we were meandering around in Fulton near their harbor. A huge number of several types of birds decided to raft together out a little ways from the bulkhead.  We had seen this in the past a couple of times. They were not feeding and just seemed to be floating on the water together. This picture is just the middle section. The actual raft was about five times as long.

They stayed like that for about thirty minutes and we left before it broke up. If anyone knows what was going on please let us know.

Meandering around the waterfront on a beautiful day turned out to be a nice way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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