Swell Belly Attack

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-17-2020
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Walking, lots of walking was the activity for this early morning. We hit up the normal loops of the Memorial Park as well as a couple of the non-paved semi-trails through the brush.  All in all it was a great time of walking and photography. None have been downloaded yet but we plan to do that tomorrow. 

After a bit over two hours at the Memorial Park, we headed to the Rockport Beach area to see what the wind was doing to it. The wind was making a mess of the water and the fishing so Sierra pulled in and parked at the gazebo across from the wooden pier.  Then the OFM got out and did some more walking around the area.  Finally he got the “brilliant” idea to use the wheelchair ramp for “hill climbing” exercise like he did in the past.  So we went up and down the ramp several times. Sometimes walking forward, sometimes walking backward but the tough time was the walking sideways up the ramp.  We only did that once before the hip joints announced that they would jump out of the OFM body and go home by themselves if we tried that again. So we quit on that exercise and headed to the Castle to do house work like vacuuming and washing counters etc.

Next was a walk around the outside of the Castle with the caulking compound we use on the vertical walls of the Castle. All places that normally have caulk were carefully examined for need for action.  We did find four small 1/2“ - 3/4“ long cracks in the window trim that had formed since last years “crack patrol”.  The roof was already done last summer right after the new A/C was installed. So now we are ready for the winter snow and ice here in Rockport, Tx.

And now it was time for a late lunch.  We rewarded the OFM for such a busy morning with a chicken tacos lunch at the San Juan restaurant in Aransas Pass about 12 miles toward Corpus Christi from the Castle.  He, The OFM, started with the chips and salsa but the salsa was a bit to hot for him. So he stuck with sweet tea and chips until his meal arrived.

The OFM ate every crumb of the three tacos, the beans and the rice. He washed it down with the huge glass of sweet tea. It must have been enough calories to last a week and a half.

On the way home we stopped to check several locations for future fun. A couple of the locations had changed a lot since the Hurricane Harvey rebuild.  We need to do some detailed looking around at a couple of areas.

Back in Rockport finally, the OFM did wet a fishing line and have a fish tear up a paddle tail lure.  Mostly we just meandered around at the harbor while letting the OFM get some of the swell belly from lunch under better control.

One thing we realized is we have a lot of area yet to cover as we run around trying to have tooooo much fun.

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