Morning Sun


Really Rough Day

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-04-2020
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It has not been a great day at all and we are not talking politics either. The morning started early so we could get to the fishing first thing and then walk. Well that did  not happen. We got to the pier in good time but when the OFM stepped out of Sierra his right knee and hip said “WE ARE NOT DOING ANY THREE MILES TODAY” and we did not.  

Our guess is the mile or so yesterday walking on the beach with the right foot path being about one inch lower than the left foot path did in the OFM’s joints. We need to watch out for that in the future.

So we just took the short walk out onto the wooden pier to do a bit of fishing. One minimum size trout was landed and returned to the water. No other fish were caught.

About then something seemed wrong with the OFM digestion system so we headed for the Castle.  It was late afternoon before we got going again. This evening he is doing fine.

Anyway as he got less bad he chose to start a new painting in the cactus coloring book.  It was a very pleasurable task for a still recovering old fat fool.

Here is where we are after three hours of colored pencil work. Colored pencil has the reputation of being the slowest for of art mediums to use. We agree with that statement.

It certainly was nice to be smearing colored lines on paper again. Hopefully tomorrow all the OFM systems will be raring to play and try to have tooooo much fun outdoors or indoors.

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