Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-28-2020
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The storm that came through was a long nasty one. Internet is out so this will post when we get some Internet.

It was gently raining when the OFM awakened this morning. Soon it was blowing like a hurricane and raining heavily. During a daring ride around the Beach Park area we grabbed a few pictures to show how nasty the weather got. The OFM thinks the gusts were up in the forties with steady high twenties to low thirties for the continuous winds.  The rain was the biggest mess. It was lots of rain for several hours. As you will see from the photos there was some flooding of the low areas.

Let us start with the bulkhead fishing spot the OFM uses a lot.  

As you can see the waves were splashing over and sometimes washing over the bulkhead. It was not a day for an OFM to be standing there showing how stupid he is fishing.

We headed on into the Beach Park and sure enough a lot of the picnic and play area were under4 to 5 inches of water. At the first pavilion this is the parking area under a few inches of water.

The beach picnic area and volleyball spot were both under water. The rain was coming down so fast the beach sand could not drain it fast enough.

This next photo is where Sierra parks when we go to the wooden pier. Sierra normally park one slot past the yellow Portacan. It was under a few inches of water today.

We then looped the Christmas Tree and decorations area and sure enough nearly all the set up decorations were in some amount of disarray.  This weather is supposed to be with us for another day the last time we had Internet to check on the weather.

By now Sierra was tired of being pounded by the 28 pound rain drops and we headed back to the Castle.  Strong winds and heavy rain are good indications we should be inside looking for having tooooo much fun.

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