Morning Sun


Heavy Duty Supervision

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 11-14-2020
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It seemed like a good morning to head out on a meander with the primary priority of capturing any and all photos waiting to be captured. Naturally it did not work out quite like we hoped.  On the way into the beach park this scene popped up and Sierra had to back up a bit to get the scene right. The OFM managed to operate the camera correctly and we got a decent view of the new bird viewing platform across the bird area.

Next we let Sierra take us to the end of the park for a bit of a walk.  But it turned out we had some steady supervision for the walk. This heron supervised every foot of the walk. We could not figure out why except it must have thought we were going to feed a wild bird. Here it is deep in paying attention to our every move.

By now we had been out about a couple of hours with only two pictures so we moved on down the road to the Fulton Harbor area.  When we got there nothing was happening so the OFM got out the fishing rod and sent to work.

The first fish was an undersized trout that tore up a $1.75 lure.  We chunked that fish back in and away it went.

A new lure was attached and the fishing continued. A few folks passed by now and then and some pleasant visits and happy smiles happened.  Then suddenly fish two hit the lure and the fight was on. It fought rather harder than the first on.  The OFM was amazed that it was only about 2 inches longer that the first one. Number two put on a lot stronger fight. The sand on the fish is from the walking surface of the bulkhead. Here is no. 2 just before it went swimming on its way.

Shortly after that it was lunch time and we headed on to eat.  Then after lunch we did some more campground checking including a return visit to the most promising one so far. The OFM Hotspot even had signal at this campground.

That was about the end of the excitement for the day. The OFM even took a 30 minute nap after we got home. He said he considered a late afternoon nap a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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