Pink and Blue

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 01, 2019
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Yep it was  Christmas present wrapping day. But first a run to Walmart for a couple of supplies the OFM had forgotten. Naturally he had to visit the beach/fishing area to check out that it was still under control. 

Well this morning sky was weird. The bright sunshine on the water was coming from some opening in the thick clouds that was not evident to the OFM or camera. It was taken pretty early in the morning but after the sun was up. It made an interesting picture.

Then we looped by the saltwater pool to see what there was to see. This one single little bird was all the activity we saw.  At least it was a cute little bird.

Then we finally made it home to get busy on the wrapping. Now please understand that the OFM is happy to wrap packages but he is very inept (that is being nice) at that wrapping stuff. But it does get covered eventually. He is very experienced so he knows to purchase PLENTY of extra paper and tape for this job. It got done and is now ready for shipping tomorrow.

With a little luck we will be rampaging the countryside in the cold morning air trying to have tooooo much fun,

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