A Red Ball

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 06, 2019
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The OFM is working on getting his walking legs back to walking.  Longer walks have not been happening since we left New Mexico. Today we had another 1.5 mile walk with a better tempo. There is hope.

The temperature here right after lunch was warm.

The big surprise is the very few mosquitoes this year.

Anyway we hit the Rockport Memorial Park Walking Trail for a speed walk to the best of the OFM legs abilities. It was sad but we did make the big loop and took about fifty pictures as we pranced along the path.

There was a very cute light purple or magenta depending on the direction the sun light hit it that posed for a nice photo with the OFM’s handsome fist.

The flower was given the name of Frizz Ball.

As we continued to prance along the pathway, in spite of the astonished looks of several folks and a police officer, there was some red and green balls on a vine that had swamped the fence with growth. They were about six feet above ground and one inch in diameter. The OFM got in pretty close to get this picture.

If any reader knows what they are we would appreciate it if they would tell us.

One nice part of the pathway is the restrooms at two places along the pathway. One is at the main parking lot and the other is way at the back of the loops. The far one has a dog dish for thirsty pups.

Later in the afternoon we made a stop at the Beach Park pier and made a short meander out on the pier. The water was still way out exposing lots of beach. When we got to the part where the water was about 18 inches deep, the reflections of the sunlight were dancing beautifully on the surface and the sand bottom. The OFM spent a nice time there just looking at the twinkling of the sunlight.

Since it is Friday night, better known as Chicken Fried Steak night, we hit the restaurant at 1800 again and came away 23.7342 pounds heavier but oh so well satisfied. Probably will sleep extra well tonight. A day of warm temperatures, a good walk, lots of photographs and a CFS comes pretty close to having tooooo much fun.

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