Practice Time

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 08, 2019
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A G Rock adventure

 The OFM had healed enough in his hip that today was fairly productive if he could do things a slow moving OFM could handle. He is guessing he will be near recovered tomorrow or the next day. We will see when it really happens.

Today the OFM decided it was time to do something he has been wanting to do since we came back to Rockport. And since he is hampered by the hip, today was chosen as a gift of opportunity. It was designated as time for trying out the gazebo structures in the Beach Park for drawing practice.

Of the four places he chose the one near the Saltwater Pool. Here is the chosen location looking over the park and bay.

When G Rock heard about the adventure he insisted on coming along. He rolled into the OFM’s shirt pocket and the OFM Drawing Practice Team headed up the stairs. Yep, they were a bit of a challenge for the hip, but at least the necessity rooms were on the upper level where the practice would be done. 

G Rock thought the view from the top of the stairs was grand and stopped to check it out.

The first thing the OFM did was take a picture showing the winter weather we are having down here. These folks seemed to be handling the winter weather very well.

The OFM got right to the task of practicing his drawing abilities. The OFM, of course, is hoping to gain enough ability to draw recognizable objects and scenes. As you will soon see, the OFM has a long way to go. Notice G Rock has his nose stuck right in the book as he scrutinizes the drawing.

What do you think asked the OFM.  G Rock thought for a minute. Hmmmm he said. Well maybe it’s ok.

So the OFM chose another subject and worked diligently on it for a long time. Finally the OFM’s eyes were getting tired and he quit.

Take a look at this one the OFM told G Rock. G Rock looked at the new drawing carefully for a long time.

Then G Rock said Yep you are right to label yourself as a paper waster instead of an artist.

But one thing the OFM is great at is trying to have tooooo much fun.

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