Pictures For The OFM Blog

Adventure Location: Rockport Beach, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 13, 2019
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A small insight to the picture handling for writing OFM Adventures is the goal.

Pictures get taken on purpose and by accident during the day. Tonight when we checked the camera there was 32 photos that had been taken. No thought about what the blog will talk about is given consideration. The only thought is if the OFM thinks he might make up some lies or story about the picture we hope it turns out to be.

When evening comes the pics are loaded into the computer. Then the OFM goes through them one by one to see if they are in focus or blurred by movement or ??? and those are removed.

Next he goes through the remaining pics to check for story line possibles or he just wants to keep it for now.  Then the ones for the nights blog are chosen and saved.  The others are stored in a general pile with others. Tonight the culling got the count down to 6 photos.

All this happens before the first editing. 97% of the editing is just cropping the undesirable parts out of the picture. Like the overflowing garbage can or whatever.

So to show what the six photos from today look like before cropping, they were made smaller to fit the blog format but otherwise no changes were made to the photo. You are guaranteed that each of these will show up in a later blog some day.

Here are the six from today.

Maybe in another blog entry we can go over the cropping to show how much difference it makes to how the photo fits into the evenings story.

And most of the time this is a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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