Torture Pad

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 09, 2019
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Healing of the left hip is still in progress.  Tonight is a tour of the children’s playground at the Rockport Memorial Park. This covers children up to the time team sports start to happen.

We will go through the playground equipment by child’s age group youngest to oldest. This first piece of equipment is for the very young. Each piece of equipment has a sign with the target age group listed on it.

It is a very popular piece of fun for the very young.

A special note is that the whole playground area is in a group of trees providing shade.

Next is the age 5-12 equipment. There were no kids this age around playing on it but the dirt around it was well used so it must be a fun climbing on it device of some sort.

Next age group up is this ropes and rocks. It is a popular place for kids to climb and jump. They also seem to like to spiderman across the ropes between the rocks. The OFM wishes he could still do things like this.

Nearby is a few sets of swings for kids of all ages up to 274 for getting thrills. One younger girl there this day was trying to get her swing to loop over the top bar it seemed. And she was giggling like crazy while doing it.

There was also two special swings the OFM could not figure out how they worked.

Worst of all was the torture pad where all sorts of weird contortions were applied to the body in the name of “exercise”. The OFM tried a little of it but quit saying his body was not built to do that kind of stuff.

There is also all sorts of team sports fields and a disc golf course. The walking trails have cut across places on the big 1.68 mile loop so your walk can be made shorter or longer at your choice. Rest rooms are reasonably abundant as is drinking fountains, picnic tables and grills. There is no admittance fee at all.

Personally we feel it is a great place for getting outdoors and exercising at your own personal pace as you are tying to have tooooo much fun.

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