Magic Leaf

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-25-2019
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The OFM finally realized what the planning problem had been for him. He had the weather history data for the wrong month for next month. Once he got the correct weather data in front of himself it began to make better sense. So by tomorrow we will have a plan that works.

Today was a slow moving day with some great weather if you like 79F, bright sun, gentle breeze and relatively low humidity. There was two exercise sessions as well as two fishing sessions and lots of friendly folks around.

A meandering near the Allegro Channel produced both of tonight’s pictures. As we meandered near the channel counting sand granules this large leaf came floating along. The OFM stared at it really hard before he figured out that the red part was on top of the water.  The brown part was sticking down into the water. It was sort of interesting so it naturally had to have its picture taken.

Late in the afternoon we were back down in that area trying to induce some fish to make a big mistake and bite a fake minnow we were pulling through the water. Some noise caused the OFM to look around and the sky was putting on a big show for every one to enjoy. It was definitely a wild dynamic sky show for a little while. This picture is pretty good but a movie camera would have been better in this case.

A wonderful day of meandering the area in slow motion made it a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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