Odd Bush

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-26-2019
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It was the drudgery of the exercise and thinking of Granny J’s blog writing that suddenly woke the OFM’s eyes to the interesting bush we had been near for several trips up and down the ramps.

If anyone knows the name of this bush please let us know what the bush is. We do know that the leaves make some neat geometric clusters. In the bush down toward the interior of the plant is what looks like seed clusters or pods. We will be watching to see what develops.

Some other stems are running hither and yon through the bush. They reminded the OFM of asparagus stems but we did not taste them. Once more we are puzzled about the stems purpose.

Walking around the bush brought these nice blue flowers into view. It took a few trys to get some decently focused images with the OFM wobbling and the breeze shaking the flowers.

From here we headed along the Allegro Channel again where the OFM found this crab claw. That sure is a pretty blue to us.

We kept on walking and looking at things. Then some more repetitions at the ramps were in order. And now it was nearly 0930 with a lot of day left for trying to have tooooo much more fun. 

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