Cold Front Arriving

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 16, 2019
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A very busy day it turned out to be. Art toys were a major part of the day as well as grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is a big pain for single folks like me. EVERYTHING is packaged for families it seems. Family size portions are so big that well over half goes bad before the OFM gets it all eaten.  No wonder he eats at Whataburger so often, it costs less. It is usually a Whatasandwich, a senior free drink and dine in. They have fish, beef and chicken sandwiches. Or he can get a decent salad with a fish filet, chicken breast or a beef patty. Drive out price is about $5. Then there is Chicken Fried Steak for $7.05 on Friday nights.

The front started moving in in late evening and the Teams just had to go out and greet it. This is what it looked like from the Beach Park.

At another place in the Beach Park we got this picture of Compass Park in all its Christmas Glory from almost a half mile away across Little Bay. It is a hand held shot so we were really surprised is was not even more shaky. It is still pretty.

Then on the way back to the Castle a quick stop in the chilly high wind was made to check the water level in the bay with this strong north wind. The water level was still good and a fisherman posed for this next picture. We are surprised the auto focus worked as well as it did in the darkness. This picture has had some Photoscape editing done on it to make it more visable.

It was definitely a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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