Jellyfish Adventure

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 15, 2019
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A major busy day it was today. Last night the OFM talked to grandson Gavin on the phone. He wanted G Rock and the OFM to get him a picture of a jelly fish. So we had a first thing this morning task to accomplish. Since the calm weather and the annual jelly fish run were happening we thought it would be an easy task. However over night the wind picked up A LOT and the jelly fish were in very small supply. But we had the task to handle and we got busy.

As we reached for G Rock, he hunkered back a little and wanted to talk. OK whatcha got on your mind the OFM asked.  G Rock said that since he is growing up and is nearly a boulder now, he thinks a more stronger name is in order. OFM thought a minute and said OK. What name would you like? G Rock rolled with joy and said I would like my new name to sound strong and adventuresome. How about GROCK? That sounds like an awesome boulder to me.  The OFM immediately agreed. So now the Teams have a awesome boulder on them named Grock. Then Grock jumped into the OFM’s pocket and away we went looking for jellyfish.

First we stopped at the Beach Park pier where the jellyfish had really congregated yesterday. The entrance to the pier had freshly uprooted grasses around the entrance and the decking boards had white stripes on some of them.

The grasses had been uprooted and tossed onto the breakwater and pier by the strong winds overnight. The boards of the pier that need replacing had been marked with white stripes it looks like.  It would not be fun for a board to break when you step on it and your leg go through the hole in the deck. That might hurt a little bit.

Well we went out a little way on the pier to where the beach intersected with the pier. There were very few jelly fish on the beach. So we hoped down to the beach and started walking. We passed several jelly fish that were mutilated from the wave action and birds eating on them. 

Finally we found a jelly fish that was not too badly torn up.  Grock was making a pest of himself in the OFM’s shirt pocket and finally jumped out and fell all the way to the sand. Then he rolled over and over until he was next to the jellyfish. The OFM grabbed the camera to take a picture.

 Right then a wave washed up on the beach and got Grock wet as he looked at the jellyfish.  Help, grab me before I drown please. The OFM picked Grock up and assured him everything was ok. The old wiping towel the OFM carries for beach adventures was used to dry Grock off. Maybe Grock learned a lesson about being safer next time he wants to jump out of the OFM’s pocket.

Next we went across the parking lot so the OFM could do some walking on the ramps to the second floor of the gazebo. Here the OFM comes up the ramp with his huge stomach leading the parade by several feet.

He got in several up and downs before his body signaled it was time to quit. So we went back to Sierra to head out. 

The dash screen on Sierra told us the temperature and time as we headed out to look for more ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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