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Meanderful Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 22, 2019
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The OFM Teams meandered all over the place today. There was no objective at all but we achieved the goal of meandering very well. These pictures have nothing to do with each other except they all made the mistake of getting in front of the OFM Camera at the wrong time.

The first worthwhile thing the OFM did was walk the Rockport Beach Gazebo ramp today. He even got brave (stupid) enough to walk up them while walking backward. Then he really went senseless and walked (waddled and wobbled) his way down them backward. At least he got in some really needed exercise.

On one of the trips coming down he noticed the gray bay was starting to get some nice sunshine. so he paused (any excuse to stop the exercise) to get a great picture of the sunshine breaking down onto the water. 

Before too long it was a bright but still cool morning. It turned out to be a great thirty minutes of exercise and scenery.

As we were walking back to Sierra, something looked strange at the Salt Water Pool beach. We got closer and saw that yesterday’s rain had eroded the beach in several areas. Here is the closest to us erosion. The gully was several inches deep. We hope the maintenance crew got to it before it got much worse. There was lots of standing water around the park.

In a later part of the area meander we stopped in Fulton at their park for a look around. As we meandered down to the harbor area, we noticed park of the walk was blocked off.

 At first we could not see why. However as we closed in, it was obvious. Something had washed the soil/sand from under the side walk and it had fallen in. To the  best of the OFM’s seeing ability, it looked like even the buildings foundation has lost some dirt from under part of it.

As you can tell it was a day of a myriad of small adventures. But that can be a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun all over the place.

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