Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Chicken and Rice Soup

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 18, 2019
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Grock slept in like a lazy pebble today. The OFM, on the other hand, got an incredible amount of stuff done today.

While it was still cold outside the OFM went through most of the small cabinets that have drawers and all the clear plastic divided boxes in some drawers. He was able to consolidate a huge amount of stuff into 1 and 1/2 little cabinets. Several little storage containers are empty for now but more work will be done before any are thrown away.

By the finish of that work the day was bright and cool. Perfect for a grocery store run for some things to make Chicken and rice soup the OFM way.  We came back with two bags full of fresh vegetables including some really nice bok choy. 

By the time that was all put away it was time for a burger. Then on the way back to the Castle the Teams stopped to wet a lure and ended up catching an 18“ VERY FAT speckled trout.

Then it was back to the Castle and cooking time. The thawing chicken breasts were sliced into medium thickness pieces and put to boiling gently. Some spices were thrown in and fresh ground black pepper added early in the process. Then the broth had other spices of choice added and simmered a few minutes.

In the meantime carrots, bell pepper and celery were chopped and put to wait in a bowl.

Next a few larger chunks of chicken were removed from the broth and diced to be the basis of the soup.

Everything is simmering along nicely by now. Wylers chicken powder was added and stirred in. A couple more spices were combined with the broth. And when the time was right the brown rice was added to cook.

The extra chunks of chicken breast that had been removed from the broth were put away to be the star in a fresh chicken salad tomorrow. We are looking forward to that.

Eventually the soup was finished and here it is. Soup, not stoup.

We guarantee the bowl of chicken and rice soup we had tonight was first class and a wonderful way of finishing a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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